Maximum Altitude

14,400 ft

Distance covered

47 km

Difficulty level

Easy to Moderate

Time taken

6 days

Best time to visit

Summer (May-June) (Valley of flowers is officially closed in winters.)


West Rishikesh

Fitness Level

The trek is considered to be one of the easiest ones out of the Himalayan treks. However, with high altitudes and cold weather the trail gets exhausting or gives breathless feeling, hence it is recommended to practice mountain climbing and brisk walking for at least 15-20 days before the trek.

About the trek

Valley of Flowers, the name itself displays a sense of immense beauty, a land of deities, immortals and the undead. It is as if god has bestowed this paradise land with most scenic beauty imaginable. But to reach this land is not an easy task. The journey to reach this paradise may be tiring but the whole journey is blessed with mesmerizing scenes that will may you feel enchanted in the end. So then let us being our journey to heaven!

Day 01- Arrive at Haridwar railway station and get to Govindghat base camp

Altitude: 6,300 ft (1,920 m)

Distance: 300 km

Average Time taken: It takes 11 hours to reach Govindghat base camp.

A traveler’s journey to valley of flowers starts from Haridwar, an ancient city and most well-known pilgrimage that reside in Uttarakhand. Arriving at the Haridwar’s nearest station, travelers will EnRoute to ghovindghat through a private vehicle or local bus.  Though the journey is long, the vast landscape of snowcapped Himalayans mountains, undying rivers and stream will keep you occupied the whole time.  Once you reach the base camp at Govindghat , you will be greeted by the cool and pleasant environment surrounding the base camp where you can get easily acclimatized to the climate.  You can Relax and enjoy your night at the campsite with some delicious food and card games. But also, don’t forget to get plenty of rest.

Day 02 – Govind Ghat to Ghangria via Poolna

Altitude: 6,300 ft (1,920 m) to 9,600 ft (2,926 m) via 7,200 ft (2,195 m)

Average time taken:  4 km drive to Poolna. 5-6 hours trek,

Distance: 9 km trek

Recently the road to Poolna village has been made motorable, this reduces the distance to be trekked today to 9 km from the earlier 13 km. Though many trekkers prefer to walk this distance, it has brought convenience to some trekkers. The trail form Poolna to Ghangria is well defined and even though hundreds of trekkers walk this trail, cleanliness is seen throughout the journey. On your way towards Ghangria , you will see a gorgeous high altitude lake named as  Kag Bhusandi Lake. Once you reach Ghangria , you will find hotels , restaurants and gurdwaras half a kilometer away from main village. Many trekkers also camp near the village instead of staying in hotels. You can rest for the remainng day and reenergize yourself.

Day 03 – Ghangria to Valley of Flowers and back

Altitude: 9,600 ft (2,195 m) to 11,500 ft (3,505 m)

Average time taken: 6-7 hours

Distance: 3.7 km each way

The early morning bhajans at the gurudawara will make good alarm for the early morning wake up call. Though you may feel somewhat irritated, this will give you a whole day to spend at Valley of Flowers. Its takes less than a kilometer to reach the entrance gate of valley of flowers. You will need to buy entry tickets to the valley. Once you walk inside, you will see Rocky Mountains rise before you and a small footway alongside the valley. There is a scenic bridge across a stream gushing below.

Once you reached the deeper inside the valley you will see a picture-perfect scenery flooding with a carpet of colours  – green , yellow, red and blue. Though the scenery was perfect, the blessing of surrounding mountains with tree at lower levels, brown and grey soil in middle and bright snow at top made it true botanists dreamland. A bright sunny day will ensure deep blue skies completing the picture and taking it beyond your imagination. Once you reach the deepest part of valley, you will be engulfed with an amazing scent, which unfortunately cannot be captured but can only be felt.  The valley stretches till you see glacier at visible distance. The stream from the glacier flows all the way through the valley, where you can take off your shoes and dip your feet in icy cold water.

Carry packed lunch from Ghangria on the Valley of Flowers trek day. There is no food available in the valley. Overnight camping isn’t allowed either. Plan your return along the same path by early afternoon.

The afternoon sun falling on the valley from different direction, gives you a different perspective to the same place you saw in the morning.

Day 04 – Ghangria to Govind Ghat via Poolna

Altitude: 9,600 ft (2926 m) to 6,300 ft (1,920 m) via 7,200 ft (2,195 m)

Average time taken: 4 hours, 9 km + 4 km drive

You being your return journey with a easy descent to Poolna on the same trail. From there you can get taxi to drive to Govindghat and reach there by noon. Rest for the day to get rejuvenated from the exhaustion of trek and travel.

Day 05–  Govindghat to Haridwar

Average time taken: 11-12 Hours

Distance: 300 Km

Finally, an end to an enthralling trek we head back to Haridwar from a private vehicle post breakfast.

Valley of Flowers trek is the most beautiful trek in Himalayas which cannot be fully express in words nor images. Only way to truly experience valley of flowers is by going there in person.

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