The mighty Sahyadris never cease to amaze us with their immense beauty. They are definitely Maharashtra’s most valuable asset and trekking in the Sahyadris has always been a huge part of the lives of the people in Maharashtra. This remarkable mountain range is famous for the wide range of forts which have preserved the cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Here is a list of the top 10 treks in the Sahyadris you cannot afford to miss if you want to truly experience the Sahyadris at its best. You will be awestruck as you cross a wide range of terrains including open green fields, dense forests, waterfalls, caves, steep slopes and everything you are looking for in a trek to the Sahyadris. So if you are looking to escape from your daily routine and experience nature at its best, then you should definitely visit these gems of Maharashtra.

#1 Sandhan Valley Trek

SANDHAN is located in Bhandardhara region near Samrad village and is a deep, narrow, rock floored gorge, with high walls of the valley. The valley is surrounded by Kalsubai (highest peak of Maharashtra 5400ft) and AMK (Alang-Madan-Kulang) rated as the toughest trek in Sahyadri mountain ranges. The valley itself is carved by the path of the river which also turns out to be a waterfall in the monsoon. It is one of the greatest canyons in the Sahyadri ranges. Read More


#2 Andharban trek

As the name suggests, Andharban means Dark forest. This is because some part of the forest is so dense that the sun can hardly reach the ground. The trail is along a ridge of the Kundalika valley, which offers picturesque view of countless waterfalls, Bhira Dam and mountains of Tamhini ghat. The cascading waterfalls, alluring butterflies and different species of flowers will truly take your breath away. Read More

#3 Vasota Jungle trek

Vasota or Vyaghragad (Vyaghra means Tiger) is a fort situated in the Koyna forest reserve. This forest has a dense population of giant squirrels, wild dogs, sloth bears, leopards and also many species of snakes. This trek is an ideal destination for the trekkers as it offers a scenic 1.5 hours boat ride (19 Kms) in the Koyna backwaters and a mesmerizing trail with the peaceful sound of scurrying squirrels and singing birds. Read more

#4 Panhala to Pawankhind

The Panhalgad to Pawankhind trek is completed by thousands of tourists every year to remember the historic escape of the great Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj from fort Panhala and the battle fought by the great Maratha Warriors (Mavale) on July 13, 1660 at a mountain pass (Pawan Khind) near fort Vishalgad, near the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. This trek will give you the ultimate experience when you will be crossing all kinds of terrains like green fields, mountains, caves, lakes, waterfalls and lush green trees. It will take you two full days to complete this trek if you start early morning on the first day. It’s the perfect weekend getaway for you to rejuvenate and relive the thrill of one of the most famous moments of the Maratha history. Read more


#5 Alang Madan Kulang

Alang Madan Kulang is considered to be the toughest trek in the Sahyadris which will test your endurance level at each stage of the trek. You have to climb three forts – Alang, Madan and Kulang. You will have to face challenges like rock climbing and rappelling along this trek. This trek is the test of your mental & physical stamina ,confidence & endurance. All three forts stand high with a towering height of more than 4800 ft and the mesmerizing views from the top are just breathtaking. Read more

#6 Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad is 6th century monument which is close to Purushwadi- famous for fireflies. The Buddhist Caves near Harishchandragad are other prominent attractions. The Largest Kada in Maharashtra, Konkan Kada is located here having one of the most magnificent and unbelievable views of Konkan. Harishchandragad is also known for rappelling, rock climbing & valley crossing making it the best trek near Pune and Mumbai. Read more

#7 Kalsubai

Kalsubai mountain is famously known as the highest peak in Maharashtra and is nicknamed as Everest of Maharashtra. This mountain peak is named after a local deity. The untouched nature and pure air can be witnessed from the beautiful peak. Due to this many adventure junkies and trekkers from Pune and Mumbai visit  Kalsubai frequently. Read more

#8 Nirvan

With the monsoons hitting hard this year, I decided that monsoon trekking in the Sahyadris should be my way of thanking nature for its gifts. The extraordinary beauty and lush green surroundings surely take your breath away and trekking in the Sahyadris is the perfect rejuvenation one needs in the monsoon. I have completed several treks in the Sahyadris and was looking for something new and exhilarating. This is when I came across the ‘Nirvan’ nature trail which caught my attention. It was something I hadn’t heard about before and the photos and description about the trek was exactly what I was looking for. So I packed my bag and was ready for another adventure in the mighty Sahyadris. Read more

#9 Vikatgad

The trek to Peb Fort or Vikatgad is an absolutely enjoyable trek in the Monsoon season as you will be passing through a beautiful local village, waterfalls, lush green fields and also you will be experiencing ladder climbing, rocky patches, dense caves, dense forests and ridge walking. This trek can be combined with a visit to Matheran or you can trek till Panorama point, Matheran. This trek is excellent for new trekkers and a guided tour will make the trek more enjoyable. Read more


#10 Kalavantin Durg trek

The Kalavantin trek offers gorgeous views and abundant beauty via rugged terrain with narrow rock-cut steps, steep slopes and no support whatsoever that’s why the trek to and from the fortress is dangerous yet thrilling. Kalavantin Fort is famed as the ‘Climb to Heaven’, owing to its dangerous nature and the bird’s eye view of the immense beauty that await atop. Read more

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