Maximum Altitude

11154 ft

Difficulty level

Easy to Moderate

Time taken

6 days

Best time to visit

Summer (March-June) (winters is an option for those with an extra adventure desire)


Sari Village Haridwar

Fitness Level

The trek is considered to be one of the easiest ones out of the Himalayan treks. However with high altitudes and cold weather the trail gets exhausting or gives breathless feeling, hence it is recommended to practice mountain climbing and brisk walking for at least 15-20 days before the trek.

About the trek

Chopta Tungnath is one of the must treks for the combination of nature and adventure lovers. The place is also called as Mini Switzerland owing to its pleasant and cool environment. Dense forests and snow-clad mountain ranges with a rich and wide variety of flora and fauna surround Chopta. This is one of the few treks carried out even during the winters to experience the snow. It is a nature filled trek when the morning starts with the chirping of birds, along with cool and pollution free breeze. It is one of the evergreen regions of Himachal with lush green meadows amidst snow-clad mountains. Chopta tungnath trek covers the Tungnath temple the beatutiful and crystal clear lake of Deorital and the view of Panch Kedar temples.

The pleasant climate prevails from March to May and then comes monsoon till October after which this place witnesses snowfall from November to March and the temples are covered with snow and thus some of the routes are blocked. In case adventure lovers wish to trek during the winters they can choose the route from Deoria Tal to reach Chopta, however with rough winters, slippery roads and high altitude it is not much recommended. However unlike monsoons the winter gives a much clear view of the Himalayan rand and the sky as the mountains are foggy and cloudy during monsoon. Thus summer is the peak season for this trek with open skies and a tolerably cold weather.

Tungnath is one of the 5 temples of Kedar and hence is popular amongst tourists. Each temple signifies one body part of Lord Shiv and has historic traces connected with Mahabharat. The route commonly taken for Chopta Tungnath trek is Delhi-Haridwar-Rishikesh-Devprayag-Shrinagar-Rudraprayag-Ukhimath-Chopta.

Day 01Haridwar to Sari

Altitude:  6600 ft

Average time taken: 7-8 Hours (drive)

Distance: 190 km

The journey starts from Haridwar in a private vehicle to the first campsite, Sari. Enroute the journey travellers can treasure the views of Rishikesh and Devpryag. The drive is made comfortable with halts for breakfast and lunch and finally reaching Sari for a night stay.

Day 02Trek to Deoriatal

Altitude: 7800 ft 

Average time taken: 1-2 Hours

Distance: 3 km

We start the trek post breakfast with some sight seeing along the campsite of Sari. This trek is filled with mesmerizing views and is often termed as a trek with two worlds at one place as you can witness the reflection of the surroundings in a crystal clear lake. The name Deorital is derived after the myth that Gods used to bath in this lake. The lake also has a few other historic stories associated with the Pandvas. The trail to Deorital is also lined by the Holy rivers of Ganga and Alaknanda.

Day 03Deoriatal to Chopta through Rohini Bugyal

Chopta altitude: 8700 ft

Average time taken: 7-8 Hours

Distance: 13 km

This day starts with an early breakfast followed by an ascent along the pine and oak forests. During this trek our eyes are filled snow-clad regions and mountain ranges making it a splendid experience. A few trekkers have spotted deers along the trek and a few lucky ones have sighted the rare and magnificent bird Monal. Monal is a 9 coloured bird belonging to the pheasant family. After a 7-8 our walk we reach the next campsite Chopta.  

Day 04- Trek Chopta-Tungnath, Chandrashilla Top and back to Chopta

Tungnath altitude: 13100 ft

Average time taken: 8 Hours

Distance: 8 km

This is one of the longest trekking days and also commonly termed as the Chopta circuit trek. Post the beautiful scenery at Chopta we now move ahead towards the spiritual and peaceful Tungnath. On reaching the topmost point is a holy temple and breathtaking views of Kedar, Chaukumba and a few other peaks. From this point some other beautiful views offered include the peak Bandarpooch, rare species of eagles and dense forests. On the way back to Chopta the slopes are lush green with cool breeze and to add to this beauty are small tea joints with natural stone dinning tables.  Reaching the basecamp of Chopta gives an end to short yet refreshing trek. Some other peaks in this panorama of dignity are—Nanda Devi, Trishul, Nandaghunti, Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, and Kedar. Glimpses of the Thalaysagar and Gangotri ranges too could be made out at the edges. 

Day 05Chopta to Haridwar

Average time taken: 7 Hours

Distance: 220 Km

Finally an end to a enthralling trek we head back to Haridwar from a private vehicle post breakfast.

Chopta Tungnath is one of the easiest and hence most recommended treks of Himachal Pradesh.

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