We at ADVENTURE SEEKERS aim to provide unforgettable hiking and camping experiences, but our focus is broad in terms of destinations and trip styles. We started with the promotion of adventure in Maharashtra, and now we cover the entire country in providing memorable experiences to numerous folks. We believe that there is a difference between a tourist and a traveler and we focus in catering to travelers. We know what makes you tick when it comes to your trips – It is a desire shared by many others, a yearning to visit new places and come home with a real sense of what they are all about. Our love for great outdoor adventures and years of experience has enabled us to develop some of the most exciting adventure and wildlife trips in India. Our passion is making sure you get to experience the real world in an authentic and sustainable manner.

Our role as a company is to ensure that we’re giving back more to the communities and the natural surroundings that we help you to visit, than what is being taken away in our travels. Preserving cultural heritage, conserving and replenishing the natural environment, while improving the lives of the local people, is the essence of our way of travelling and is integrated into every decision and action we take at Adventure Seekers.

For folks interested in weekend getaways, seeking to spend their leisure time with the nature should consider one of our most popular event – lakeside camping with paragliding. We believe that, just like batteries, humans also need to be recharged in terms of creativity, motivation and positive energy. We also focus on corporate team outings which help people rejuvenate from their daily work schedule and promotes creativity, collaboration and overall productivity. 

We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of professional and personal behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with each other as well as with our partners and all those we encounter in the broader ADVENTURE SEEKERS community.

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